We have arrived!  It was an incredibly long trip, made longer by the inevitable flight delays of all three flights.  The longest was in Beijing where we waited, standing,  about two hours.  We were pretty tired by then after our 13 hour flight in cramped seating.  From door to door, our travel time was approximately 36 hours.  After arriving in Bangkok, it took   to get through immigration, finding our baggage after we were given the wrong carousel number, and customs.  Fr. Lee had been waiting for 3 hours when we finally appeared–at about 5 a.m. Because it has taken a while to get our computer up and running, my first post is much later than I expected and it is now Sunday afternoon.

Since we flew over the top of the world to get to China, I thought you might like to see a photo of what it looks like near the North Pole.  We never did see that little barber pole with the snow on top but I’m sure it is there somewhere.  We were about 7 miles up so perhaps that explains it.





1 thought on “Finally

  1. So glad you’re finally there. Hopefully you’ve gotten some well-earned rest before starting your work. Love the picture, though what appears to be a crack in your airplane window is a little disconcerting! Could you see any Northern Lights? Take care and post when you can!

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