Almost time…

dsc00736Sa Wat Dee/Ka   (Hello!) You can recognize that it is I, Bonnie, writing this because Chuck would have said “Sa Wat Dee/Krop–  Ka is used after each sentence by women and Krop is used by men.  That’s your first Thai lesson.

The time is winding down and it is now just 4 days until we will be leaving for Thailand.  We are pretty much packed up and ready to go with just a few things left on our “to do” list.  We’re very excited.

Here is a photo of us with our Thai language and culture teacher, Nina, at our final lesson.  We are so happy to have met Nina; she is an excellent and patient teacher.

Sa Wat Dee/Ka  (Goodbye–same as hello.  Isn’t that easy?




Here we go again!

Hello all our followers of our blog of 2011-2012!  We are going on another mission trip–this time to Bangkok, Thailand.  We’ll be leaving home on March 1 and will return on April 4.   Therefore, this will be a much shorter trip than our trip to Lithuania.  We have decided to do another blog for this trip provided we will have an available computer to use where we are going.  I am letting you know early in case you wish to add your name to those receiving notification of our posts as they occur.

We will be assisting in the Cornerstone Student Center located next door to King Mungkuts Institute of Technology in the Lat Krabang district east of downtown Bangkok. We will be teaching conversational English and having fellowship with the students there.  We know this will be an interesting experience and look forward to it.