Touring #4 – The Netherlands -1


From Antwerp we drove north planning to find lodging about half way between Rotterdam and Amsterdam so that we could visit in both directions without having to relocate.   We found a small hotel with restaurant in the tiny town of Zwammerdam.  Within a few minutes we could reach the train station at Bodegraven and from there catch a train to Leiden where we could switch to trains to other places.  After learning the exorbitant cost of parking in the big cities and fearing  being lost as in Brussels, we thought the train was a much less stressful option.   As it turns out, we went into Amsterdam three days and did not get to Rotterdam or Delft.

The Netherlands has a beautiful countryside of narrow strips of green  fields separated by many canals.  It was impossible to get a picture that showed this from the train window.  The fields were full of flocks of sheep, herds of cattle and many ponies and horses. Sometimes there would be a windmill and sometimes fields of flowers where those Holland bulbs we buy are grown. There were also many swans in the canals and I saw at least 10 nesting swans.  It was all very picturesque.

We arrived on Saturday late and on Sunday after church at a small country Catholic church, we took the train just as far as Leiden which turned out to be a very attractive smaller city.


The art museum in Leiden had a special exhibit from China including 3 of the Terracotta  Warriors.  Since it was just an hour till closing, they let us in free.

Chuck contemplating Buddhas contemplating..

I forget what this building is–it has something to do with the wool industry I think. This is also in Leiden.  I loved the decoration–the sheep and the windmill.

When your city is full of canals, it is one of the main ways to travel from one place to another. Maybe this family is just out for a ride.

This fellow has his bike along for the next leg of his journey.

Next — Amsterdam.



2 thoughts on “Touring #4 – The Netherlands -1

  1. This is so fun! I think I like your Netherlands pictures the best so far! I love the sheep on top of that building too. How was the food on your travels? Did you find places to sit down to eat? Did you and Chuck have any problems communicating in shops and restaurants? Chuck contempating Buddhas contemplating is great!

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