Touring #2 – Just Brugge

Next stop on our tour was the city of Brugge which we were looking forward to, having seen the movie In Brugge and deciding that we must see this beautiful city.  It did not disappoint–everywhere we looked was a charming canal, a beautiful building or a stunning street. The pictures, as usual, do not do it justice but we heartily recommend a visit.

Here are just a few of the photos from Brugge–sorry for all the crowds of people but I could not get them to leave so I could have unobstructed pictures.

I think the one dog needs to lose weight which is why he doesn’t get to ride in the basket–or maybe they take turns.

Beautiful tulips in the square.

We visited a small lace museum and watched a lace-making demonstration.  Judging by the age of the ladies, I think this will soon be a lost art.

Some of the famous Belgium lace.

Famous Belgium chocolate.

Chocolate sheep

Belgium cat

Interesting altar at small chapel.

Goodbye to Brugge.


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