The Final Week

I can’t believe this time is finally here.  Chuck is totally done as of Wednesday about noon–all finals given, graded, and grades in.  He hardly knows what to do with himself.  He went over to clean out his office this morning and to have lunch with some faculty friends and then he was going downtown to get some Euros for our trip which begins this evening.

Before leaving though, late this afternoon we will have the faculty recognition and farewell party and then, immediately following, Chayah’s 4th birthday party.  Rachel, with her usual skill at such things, has decorated their apartment with butterflies and little girls attending will make butterfly mobiles.

After the festivities, John will drive us to the ferry port and we’ll be on our way to Kiel, Germany.  After two weeks of taking photos, I hope to have to wrap up our blog with a couple of posts on our trip before taking off for home on the 18th.

My worst fears have come to pass–they want Chuck to come back.  Although I’ve had a good time here, I am not thrilled at the prospect of returning.  Perhaps after being home for awhile I’ll change my mind but another cold, wet, windy winter does not look so appealing right now.

As you may remember, last weekend we were blessed with a visit from Fr. Frank and Hope from Orangeburg.  The weather was, surprisingly, very good while they were here and I think they had an enjoyable time exploring Klaipeda and the Curonian Spit and trying some local cuisine.

Hope poses in front of the palace where the King and Queen of Prussia resided during the year of 1808.

Fr. Frank and Hope try out kepta duona.

By the Curonian Lagoon on our trip to the spit.

The weather has improved significantly but we still have a few chilly, windy days.  Despite that, we are just done-viskas!-with the big coats so the three generations of Milliken ladies decided to pose in our “Eskimo” coats before putting them away.

We had a cute visitor a couple of nights ago when a fellow faculty member caught a hedgehog and brought him in for us to see.  I was thrilled as I had never seen a hedgehog before.  He was pretty shy and not at all aggressive. He was safely returned to the place where he was found.

One of the few remaining things on my bucket list was to walk down to the campus of the Klaipeda University which is not far and take some pictures of their really great neo-gothic buildings.  This group of buildings, given to the university once the Russians had gone, once housed the Prussian Army and later Germans and then Russians.  The complex makes for a lovely college campus.

I planned to add more to this post but suddenly I am unable to upload any additional pictures. We’ll see if it works when we return but for now–we’re off to Germany.

Viso Garo and Auf Weidersein,





2 thoughts on “The Final Week

  1. Oh Bonnie and Chuck, I am so excited that the work part of your trip is complete and that we’ll be seeing you in a matter of weeks. However, it’s with mixed emotions that your adventure is coming to an end as I’ve learned so much through your pictures and observations. It’s been a wonderful education. I know too that you are sad to leave your family there. What a treat for them to have you so close this year! Have a wonderful trip in Germany. We went to Kiel a few years ago and took a cruise up the Kiel Canal which was lovely. By the way, I love the photos of the Milliken ladies as well as that great photo of Father Frank and Hope at the Curonian Lagoon! Travel safely!

  2. Hi Bonnie and Chuck, I don’t know about you, but the time that you’ve been over there seems to have flown by! Glad that you will be doing some touring before you head back to the US. Obviously, Chuck must have done an outstanding job to have been asked to return. You need time to process the request and get back “home” and see how you feel. What a wonderful experience you’ve had and also the great opportunity to be with John, Rachel, and the grandkids too. Enjoy your last few weeks and continue to keep in touch.

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