Vilnius, continued.

Our third and last day in Vilnius was cut short by the fact that it was just so cold  I lost my enthusiasm for sight-seeing.  Two days of freezing had already worn me down so unfortunately we missed a few things on my list of “must sees” (including another spectacular church)  and got to the bus station an hour before we had to–it was a warm place to sit.

In the morning we climbed up the hill to the Gediminas Castle tower, the only remaining part of a castle complex which once  included defensive structures.  There were great views of the whole city from up there. This castle remnant is right behind the the Vilnius Cathedral and in the huge plaza where the cathedral and bell tower are located is a statue of Gediminas, the Grand Duke of Lithuania who founded Vilnius in 1323.early in the 14th century.

The Upper Castle

View from the top shows the onion domes of yet another church we missed seeing--Saint Constantine-Michael Orthodox.

Grand Duke Gediminas–he founded Vilnius in 1323.

King Mindaugas and me outside the National Museum

Amber chess set.

More Amber

Besides amber, Lithuania is know for its linen and there were also many shops with linen clothing, table cloths and toys.


Right beside Old Town is a section of the city called Uzupis which, in 1997, declared independence and has its own flag, president, independence day, and an army of 28 people.  Their constitution features such things as “Everyone has the right to understand nothing.” and “Every dog has the right to be a dog.”   This is an artists’s community and, had it not been so cold, we would have checked it out further.  We got as far as their Angel statue and a delicious lunch at a small Russian restaurant nearby  before turning back to Old Town.  We’re debating whether to count this as another country visited.

At the border.

Angel statue in Uzupis.

A funny sign.

The Gothic Church of St. Anne and the Bernardine Church--side by side.

Inside the Bernadine Church -- a very different look with all the carved wood.

Good-bye to Vilnius.  We hope you enjoyed your tour.


2 thoughts on “Vilnius, continued.

  1. I’m overwhelmed with all the sights and history – – – the amber,chess set and ship, the linens in the window, the beautiful cathedrals. I’m so pleased you are sharing your stories. Thanks for taking the time, for enduring the cold, for telling us of things we’d never know if it weren’t for your sharing. God bless you both and keep you safe.

  2. I love the bunnies in the linen dreses in the window! I’d have bought one for sure! You really did see and absorb an amazing amount of history in such a short time. Thank you for sharing and teaching us so much! Blessings and warmth your way! Melissa

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