Some of you have commented that it looks really cold here but actually it has not been so bad.  The cold and snow are much easier to deal with than the howling wind and rain of a few weeks ago.  However, the last 3 days, the temperature has fallen considerably and it is a bit below zero in the early mornings–  all the way up to 14 Fahrenheit right nowat 4:15 p.m. The word is that it may get as low as -25 F by this weekend.  If that happens, I shall not be leaving my warm little apartment.  Chuck will not have that option but at least it is a short walk to his classrooms.  However, being much more disciplined than I, he insisted on heading off to church yesterday a.m. while I decided not to take a chance on getting stuck, as he did, waiting for a bus for 15 minutes in the cold.  Given that there is a long walk at either end of the bus stop, he decided to walk all the way home figuring the total time out in the cold would be less that way.  I feared he would get frost bite but that didn’t happen.

The frost on our inside door knob Sunday morning.

Small Orthodox church where Chuck attended services yesterday--pre-snow photo

Inside church

As if he needed more to do,  Chuck has taken on an additional job–he has agreed to help a local business man with his English.  This gentleman, Algis, (and it is NOT so easy to pronounce as it looks–he laughed out loud at our first attempt to say it), already understands and speaks English but, as he often has to speak at meetings where English is spoken, he would like to improve his pronunciation, syntax, word choice, etc. for a better delivery.  Of course, Chuck is happy to do this for whatever he can learn during the exchange.  He began on Saturday by taking us on a little sight-seeing trip to the resort town of Palanga a few kilometers up the road. One of the main attractions  is the Amber Museum which I have been looking forward to seeing since I like amber so much. For those of you who may not be aware, this part of the world and, specifically, the nearby Curonian Spit, are famous for amber.  The museum is located in an old mansion in the middle of a lovely park.

The Amber Museum - Palanga, Lithuania

Statue of one of the old pagan goddesses--Queen of Snakes


Amber artifacts from archaeological digs nearby

Examples of amber jewelry

More jewelry--some kind of clunky for my taste

As you know, amber is often filled with insects and leafs etc. from thousands of years ago when it first formed. So we are wondering if this piece means that there used to be little fairies who somehow got stuck in the tree sap which made this amber? What do you think?

After visiting the museum, Algis took us to a really special little Ukrainian restaurant for a nice meal.  It has occurred to us that we have eaten out 6 times now and have yet to eat traditional Lithuanian food.  We’ve had German, Ukrainian, and Chinese.  So we have to make a point to find a Lithuanian restaurant.

Chuck and Algis

Chuck's Chicken Kiev which he pronounced delicious.

Bonnie's stuffed pepper, Ukrainian style--also very good.

Swimming pool and gym built for the Soviet soldiers stationed in Palanga during the occupation. Notice the architecture--very typical--blocky concrete.

Grocery shopping has suddenly become less of a chore–John and Rachel have purchased a car and we can catch a ride when they go.  Life will be so much easier for them now–no more standing in the pouring rain at a bus stop with 2 small children.  Of course we will no longer have the advantage of burning off calories while going to get more calories which is better for us in the long run.

In closing, I apologize for an incorrect of spelling of a Lithuanian goodbye on a couple of our posts.

Here is the correct good-bye–



2 thoughts on “WEEKEND NEWS

  1. The amber is beautiful. The food looks delicious. It appears by your blogs that both of you have settled down to life there and enjoying the experience. Is that gold in the church?

    Stay warm.

    Bob & Mary

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